Beast movie 2022: Release Date UK and Beast Box Office Collection

Beast is an American Survival Thriller Movie. Which is Released on 19th August 2022. The Director Name is Balthasar Kormákur.t

1. What is The Film Beast About?

Dr. Nate Daniels and his two teenage girl daughters are going to South Africa Game That is Reserved and Managed by Martin Battles, and old family friends and Wildlife biologist.

2. What is the Beast Box Office Collection?

Beast BOX Office Collection Is $37.5 millions

3. How Long is Beast Movie 2022?

The beast movie time is 1 hour 33 Running Time.

4. Is the movie Beast on Netflix?

Sorry! Beast is not available on Netflix But Soon at any time.

5. Where I Can Watch The Movie Beast.

You can watch the beast movie easily on YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Prime, and more.

6. Is beast a True Story?

Google Rating Scored is 38 out of 40. The Highest Rate Should be Considered. That is why the beast is one of the most disturbing Crime Stories In Canada History.