A young woman whose name is (Kat Graham) after her breakup. She decided to take a trip to the romantic Italian City of Verona. She is looking for the villa she reserved that is double booked by the young men.

About The Love in the Villa Movie 2022?

1. Where Was Love in the Villa Filmed?

The "Love in the Villa" on the Netflix Filmed Location is the Charming Verona in Northern Italy.

2. Who Plays Brandon in Love in the Villa?

Brandon in the Love in the Villa is Raymond Ablack.

3. Where is dated and related films?

Six pairs of contestants at a fabulous villa in the France. Where Sparks fly between the two sets of twins.

4. Love in the Villa Release Date?

Love in the villa release date 1 September 2022.

5. Love in the Villa Rating?

Love in the villa Ratings About Rotten Tomatoes 55%, IMDb 5.4/10 and the Parent Previews 2/5.